We are part of Capital Bee – a Capital Growth campaign for 50 community bee-keeping projects in London! This means Friends are being trained as bee-keepers. From Spring 2012 they will look after bees in our new apiary. Bees feed on pollen and nectar and pollinate plants, fruit, vegetables and flowers in the area. The Friends have liaised with Lambeth Council to cut grass selectively which will encourage bee-friendly forage. We are planting lavender, rosemary and honeysuckle for the bees.

Of 100 crop species that provide 90% of food worldwide, 71 are bee-pollinated, according to the United Nations. Of great concern is the fact that honey bees and other bees are now in decline.

Caring for bees creates a community spirit and we have a lot to learn from them.

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The friends of Streatham Cemetery are members of Wimbledon Beekeepers’ Association and look forward to participating in London's annual Honey Festival.